Did you know that using video in marketing can increase your conversion by 80%? Video is a huge game-changer in marketing.

I will tell you different video types and why are they important. Before shooting a video, you must know why you are shooting it.

They want to get to know you. (awareness)

When building an audience, this must be your starting point. It’s hard to buy from a stranger. Make buying easier.

You have to slowly build trust by talking about yourself. Share stories, problems and how you solved them. You can even touch your personal life.

Try to be emotional. It helps you to deliver your message and get your audiences focus. Then they engage with your content.

Give them a valuable information, so they trust your profession. (Consideration)

Common buying objections is a lack of trust. Customers are thinking are you able to fulfill your promise.

If you have shown them, you are highly skilled with lots of experience, they are willing to give you their money.

The best way to give them value is with video. Do educational videos on LinkedIn. Host a webinar. Do longer videos on YouTube.

Teach about ideas, tips, and tricks. Share helpful information that helps them to succeed in their business. Continuously give, engage, and have a conversation with them.

Sell to your audience. They are ready and willing to buy from you. (Conversion)

Customers know you, trust and believe whatever you say. This video type is all about selling and turning the audience into paying customers.

Offer them solution to their problem. Use urgency for a fast decision.

Talk about possibilities and dreams. Show them a clear plan how you help them reach that big goal.

It could be a step-to-step plan on how to triple your sales.

What is good in plans is simplicity. It tells clearly that if you pay this amount and do these things you will get this.

Never try to be complicated when selling and closing.

Always remember that value is more important than design.

Just keep it simple, then you are ready to go 🙂