What do people want to see on your website?

The first thing you must find out is why do people visit your site? What is the reason for that?

Maybe they want to get more information about your business. Maybe they want to buy something. Maybe they are curious and just want to get to know your business.

Whatever the reason is, you can find that out for example by asking. When they land your website, you can have a small one multiple-choice-question pop-up.

The question can be simple: why did you visit this site? Answers can be:

1. I´m interested in your service.

2. I want to buy something.

3. I´m curious, what is your business?

4. I want to know how can you help me?

5. Other. Please tell.

After you find out what they want, show only these things. Clearly tell your message without anything fancy.

Your visitor understands and makes a positive decision quicker.

If your content doesn’t make sense to your visitor, they´ll leave as fast as they landed.

Include features and benefits in your headline. How do you change their life?

People care for themselves. People are always looking for ways how to live a happier life. We all want more enjoyment and more shine.

I guess you heard “Don’t talk about features. Tell them about benefits they get.” before.

Features are what the product is made of. For example, waterproof, made from steel etc. Features don´t tell anything.

You must clarify how it changes your customer’s life. What does it make possible? What benefits do they get?

You must tell both features and benefits.

Below is a very good example of how to use it on a headline:

“Waterproof phone impossible to get wet.”


“Armoured, bulletproof window NEVER cracks.”

Fulfil your promise you told them in an ad. Don´t mislead.

Too much greediness is always a bad idea.

Don´t try to sell as soon as they land at your site. Hasten will create pressure which is a reason they leave so quickly.

Most marketers attract people with “a perfect” ad that will have a high click-thru rate. However, little mistakes put your ROI on the ground.

What do you need to do then?

Continue the message of your ad. For example, if you attracted them by saying “I will double your sales in only 6 months”.

Show them how that is possible, how you´ll do it. Video explanation, case studies, lots of free stuff.

After value, show them some testimonials if you have them. If you are getting started, probably you don´t have them which is totally fine.

People are ready to buy when they trust you. Don´t rush on showing your offer.

Nobody likes boring content. Content should be easy to skim and read.

You have to prepare them for the big time – showing how much you charge.

People don´t like seeing numbers. They get scared easily.

I´ll teach you how you can write interesting and human-centric texts.

1. Use pictures about yourself. Human faces immediately create trust. Always remember that people buy from people. Be humane.

2. Use small paragraphs. A maximum of 3 lines make the text easy to read. Eyes will see it as a short that will last fast.

People don´t like reading long texts. Eyes get easily tired.

3. A common mistake is that people write a professional article that is full of hard and complicated words.

Easy to understand article welcomes everybody. Not even every professional understand their special terminology.

4. This needs definitely your special attention. Write as you talk! It makes the article more natural and conversational. It makes the reader think you are talking to them.

Regarding conversation, use I and you -words. Speak directly to them.

The way to do that is to use speech-to-text functions. Speak naturally and edit after you have finished.

That’s one of the best ways to include real human voice inside text.