What is an effective sales page made of?

In this article, I will show you the best ideas for the popular AIDA model.

The model consists of 4 different steps. Those are simply: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

I´m going to break down each step with 10 different ideas. It helps you to create your high converting sales page for your service/product.

Remember, the sales page is your best friend, if you want to succeed in selling and closing. It needs to be done with lots of talent.

Let me dive into it.

That’s how you will get your customers ATTENTION.


The very first piece of text customers see is the headline. Nowadays attention is meant by headline along with little video and maybe couple more sentences.

The goal is to make the customer convert. Or whatever your call-to-action is.

I want to share with you 10 tips for a grabbing headline.

1. Promise the best benefit your solution will make happen. Example:

“You will easily make 100 000€ a year if you follow this plan, I made for you.”

2. Write the headline using the right emotions. The happy headline could be:

“Your favorite smell is just a few clicks away.”

3. Tell about client testimonials. It tells customers that they can do it too.

“She lost 20 kg in just two months. Let me show you how.

4. Tell them what is going to happen if they don’t continue reading. They can fear that fact of losing something huge.”

“If you ignore this message, it will cost you millions.”

5. Tackle the biggest objection. Make him feel safe. This will minimize I can´t do it -feeling.

“You will learn to invest like Warren Buffet even if you don´t have an experience.”

6. Tell him about your guarantee. A perfect way to show that your offer is risk-free.

“If this pillow will not help you to sleep better, you will get your money back without delay.”

7. Create urgency. Hasten their buying decision. The common way to create urgency is to show a timer that’s ticking. Nobody wants to be slow like a turtle.

“I have just 35 pieces of earbuds left. If you are fast, this unforeseen voice will be the best gift for your ear.”

8. Ask them whether they want to change their life.

“Do you want to make your kids happy by teaching them the easiest way to make a 100% healthy homemade ice cream?”

9. Tell them that this service makes their life easier. Calm makes them push that action button.

“Walk into the cleanest house with the freshest air ever. (It could be your everyday feeling.)”

10. Demonstrate return of investment. Example how much money could you save.

“I have you clear proof that this package is more than 100 times valuable than its tiny little price.”

Keep in mind to serve a little more information between headline and call to action. It makes customers most likely to push that call-to-action button.

It can be a couple of bullet-points where you show benefits and what customers get and maybe one picture from you, an entrepreneur.

The best results can be gotten by having 2 minutes introduction video. It can be you showing a product or service. The best way to get trust.

So, don´t be nervous grabbing your camera to shoot a quick video.

How are they going to be INTERESTED?


In case your customer wants to read more, your job is to slowly start making him interested. This part is to give him a reason to read the rest.

One of my favorite way to do that is by telling them a little story. The story is a great way to awaken customers emotions.

I will teach you 10 different ways to tell something interestingly.

1. Testimonials from happy customers are a great way to make them feel safe. It is easier for them to find out more when customer start thinking: “This really works.”

2. Tell a little story about somebody who had a problem and how you helped him to solve that problem. You want the customer to identify with the hero.

3. If it’s a product, you want to show him in action. Example shows the hoover cleaning dust from the floor. Maybe you want to show how quiet it is.

4. Use dramatic demonstration. It is about showing something nearly impossible. You have powerful marketing in your hand when your customer feels “Wow. This is amazing.”

Keep in mind that amazed client usually buys if not always. The dramatic demonstration is one of the perfect ways to stand out.

5. Make them feel confident. Tell them how good they are, how they can revolutionize the world or their own life and how bad they deserve this product.

Firstly, it makes them happy. Secondly, this kind of approach let them think so far.

6. Share what your customers have achieved. What was their starting point? And what is their current situation? Share information about your best clients.

For example, if one of your clients 10x their money flow, share their story. “How my student went from a to b”

7. Let them understand, this solution is unusual. No company has ever invented something like this. This product is one of a kind.

This kind of approach forces them to make a decision fast.

8. Talk about happiness and well-being. Make sure they feel very calm and peaceful. You can show picture of your customer who is sitting on the ship with a laptop. Watching whales and birds.

The first thing that pops into your reader´s mind is: “I want to be in the same situation.”

9. Tell them what they can achieve. Sell them possibilities, dreams and opportunities.

“I want to tell you how you can earn 700 000€ a year. Live in a 10-bedroom apartment. Choose between Ferrari and Lamborghini.”

10. If you are trying to market a restaurant. Talk about its history, story, popularity. New restaurants like salt bae´s meat-focused restaurants are doing well because they earn attention via celebrities.

You can show pictures and videos of celebrities eating from restaurant and having fun.

Is all giving him a reason why he must read the rest? It is like a little introduction and preparing him for what is coming.

Feed him with DESIRES so he wants your solution.


This step is where you motivate them to buy. This is the biggest step where you will talk about benefits, proofs and everything that makes them to buy.

I am going to show you 10 ways you can do that.

1. Simply talk about real-life benefits. What your customer will get or earn? What value this product will bring to their life? Talk about results and how they bring happiness.

“Forget your back pain. Here is how this back-friendly chair will help you.”

2. If you want to talk about price. I recommend showing the price as a discount. Unlimited and discounted always looks better. They create urgency.

“Was 600€. Now it´s just 450€, but just for this month. If you ask me why. I am willing to help you to recover from covid.”

3. People find many objections. Always trying to find a reason why don´t buy. You must clarify those obstacles and tackle them.

“You must read this! 10 common reasons why people say no to this offer. (Some of them are ridiculous.)”

4. Tell them that they need this. The customer must believe, without your product, life is going to be hard.

“These 10 things are strong proof that you need this air conditioner”

5. What will happen if they don’t buy and start using it. This creates fear and an even stronger desire that makes them want to buy.

“You don´t want to get an asthma disease by breathing dirty air. You can also get these 9 problems.”

6. Your customers must feel confident. The way you do that is by providing them lots of information. They must believe that this company is professional, and the product is unique with is made in professional hands.

“Give me a minute to tell you more about this solution. Product is done by one of the leading companies in the cleaning space. Yearly we help more than 1000 people to breath fresher air.”

7. Tell them product specifications or product features. But remember to clarify what they can do with this feature. Talk about possibilities and dreams. The question you have to answer is: What benefit this feature brings?

“Updated camera with water-resistant. Now you can dive with ease and capture those beautiful jellyfishes.”

8. People love surprises. Tell them that the product is amazingly multi-functional. Don´t tell them everything so the rest can be secret.

“I can´t tell everything how this course can change your life. All I can tell is how it helps you to maximise your weight loss and healthy life.”

9. People like immediate results. “How can I get something fast?” are probably the most searchable questions. What are the best results that can be got within two weeks? Customers want to know them.

Do not lie! Only tell what is truly possible.

“These methods can make you a millionaire in one single year. Only by following these steps.”

10. Tell promises to engage emotions and to create curiosity. You want customers to feel understood.

“I promise that your camera footage is about 10x better with this new lens.”

The right way to take some ACTION.


Now your customer knows what this solution is all about and how it makes his/her life easier. You just have to show them your price and how to buy.

That´s it. Don´t make it so complicated. I will share with you 10 different ideas for your action step.

1. A money-back guarantee is commonly used to minimize all obstacles. It makes buying risk-free so the customer can easily buy without worrying about anything. That makes money-back guarantee a highly recommended.

Only use guarantee if you fully trust its functionality. Guarantee is also a very good idea to turn unhappy customers happy again.

“Have you heard about our 100% Money Back Guarantee? Yes. It means that you will get a full refund if you don´t like it. Simply drop us a message.”

2. Tell them why buying this is important and why they must solve their problem.

“Fixing your back with one hour massage might be the best hour in your life. Because it helps you to get rid of annoying back pains.”

3. What will happen if they don’t get one? Try to slightly intimidate them.

“I have something to tell you. If you choose to ignore this offer and choose to not buy, you can Break Your Bones! Seriously!

By getting these calcium and vitamin-d -pills, your feature will be bright.”

4. Tell the most important benefits.

“I will give you all tools to grow your business to 6-figure. Buy now to get immediate access to all your videos.”

5. Tell them about pricing. It is good to have two choices. The most expensive one makes the least expensive one to look cheap.

“I offer two packages. Basic service cost 580€ and it includes (That and that…)

My Platinum service cost 1800€ and you will get (That and that…)

6. Package with multiple products or services is always the most valuable.

“You will get one extra-large sales page, one hour consulting with me where I solve your toughest business problems and 10 my best sales pages. You will get everything for just 6900€.”

7. Add free stuff to add more value to the product itself.

“With this smartphone, you will get some important accessories for free. I mean 100€ headphones, 30€ hardcover, 20€ screen protector and our best 5g plan for free for 1 year (300€).

You just pay 1290€ for the smartphone.”

8. Create urgency by setting a deadline. When e.g., this course starts.

“This masterclass starts in 13 days. Registration is still open. Buy now so you can put it in your calendar before something else takes that day.”

9. Create urgency by limiting how many clients you can take.

“We have a limit, because our service provider does not accept more than 120 attendees into the same video conference. Being fast you will secure your seat. You will see top influencers from the marketing field.”

10. The most important: Buying must be simple. You want to take customers money and give the solution as simple and as fast as possible.

Show them the “Buy Now” -link where they can fill a simple order form and put the credit card details. To help him buy, you can make a short video that says, “Thank you for becoming our customer.”


Secrets in every copywriters favorite AIDA formula is now exposed.

I am going to dive into this formula with 10 different examples in each step. There are a total of 40 ideas.

You can create your next high converting sales page from these 40 tips.

Do you want your own AIDA landing page? I can do it for you.

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