What is emotion?

Emotions help you to deliver your message. They are great way to create feelings which makes your product more interesting.

People use feelings to tell others how they like their situation. Example emotions are Happiness, anger, sadness, fear and so on.

It can be used on selling purposes. To help customer to do the buying decision.

How to use emotions?

Firstly, you have to understand how your customer buys. What they fear? What benefit they are looking for?

With emotions your job is to maximize those points.

Why emotions are important part of every sales copy?

Customer only continue find out more if they are interested.

You can lock customers emotion and slowly work in his curiosity. Simply you make them love your product.

Until it is time to talk about your offer. And close the deal.

10 different emotional headlines.

  • Beautiful life is waiting for you. Sitting on a beach, drinking tropical juice, and watching sunset. I will help you to get that kind of life.
  • These people don´t even have food to eat. Imagine if you were in the same position.
  • You can´t do that! Why are you even here!
  • You could die for doing this simple mistake.
  • I will reveal the best way to make a million is just one single year.
  • I am proud. You are very talented professional.
  • You should be ashamed. Your wife won´t be happy when she hears this.
  • This man could easily steal your girlfriend. You will be shocked once you meet him.
  • Have you ever cheated? Here is something you didn´t know.
  • This ticket will let you to meet Justin Bieber. Face to face. You can hug him or kiss him if you want.