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You can contact me via email on via call. If you call from outside Europe, I recommend dropping me an email. We can book a zoom meeting or use another video call service. I will contact you back within 24 hours.

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E-mail is a quick, fast and simple way to communicate. I check my E-mails throughout the day. I can promise you a fast reply.

abdi (at)

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This is a Finland number. If you want to call from outside Europe, I recommend contacting me via email or LinkedIn messages. International calls can sometimes be very expensive.

+358 45 202 7288

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Quick Contact

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“I Recommend!”

I highly recommend Abdi’s service if you are searching for a talented copywriter. He knows what he is doing, and he is one of the best copywriters. Before I contacted Abdi, I didn’t know about copywriting at all. He saved me and fixed the problems.

Client, Copywriting, 2020


Incredibly talented copywriter. My copy got a new shade, and it showed my professionalism in a new way. With copy, Abdi told me many things. I kindly recommend him.

Client, Sales copy, 2018