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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

I know that you want to meet the guy who is behind all of this. Nothing but welcome.

Hello 👋 My name is Abdirahman Hassan. I am a marketing expert and a copywriter. Good marketing and messaging help you to gain lots of new high paying clients and make more money. I help you to become another success story.

I always think of a growth perspective on how to create maximum growth. We are going to focus on what’s trending and working today. When you do the right things, the results will blow your bank account.

Together good marketing and powerful sales copy are powerful enough to make your business even millions. I offer them both. They are the fundamentals, the basics you should have.

Every entrepreneur has a dream to scale his business to multi-figure. The goal is to have a good product and happy clients that are coming again and again. Did you know testimonials are the best way to get lots of new clients?

Business is selling one or multiple products or services. Focus on selling and product development. Cut unnecessary stuff that brings you no value.

Phone Consultation coming soon 2022)

1-hour call where I share lots of valuable information with you. Do you want me to help you build a sales page from scratch? Do you want to be better at marketing? Do you want more attractive messaging?


Why do customers want to buy your product? The answer is: it feels good. Good marketing makes that unique feeling. that make people want to buy your things for the price you ask. Always try to differentiate your business from others.


Business problems can cause stress and sleepless nights. It’s tough when you are fearing about your feature. Let me analyse your situation. You will get a complete plan for how to solve your problems.

I Am Waiting To Help You.

Let’s have a quick call or send me an email. You just need to tell me your problems. I am ready to solve with you.