Always start with large research.

You must know everything possible about product, customers, and the company. More information helps you to be more creative and emotional.

Find answers to these questions from customers: What they like? What problems they have? How those problems affect their life? How they like those problems to be solved?

Nowadays its highly recommended to shoot a short introduction video.

It is much better when showing your face, so customers get real first impression. First impression from real human means a lot to btob client.

Don´t copy competitors.

Your company doesn´t have same value, history, story than your competitor. Don´t try to have same tone of voice than him.

Always write choppy copy that is easy to read.

Remember first sentences job is to let him read second and so on.

Headline, sub-headline and first paragraph are the most important part of your copy.

Plus, you can make copy more attractive by using emojis (and pictures if possible).

Reader is always a person so you should talk to them directly.

You and I sound more natural and conversational. Use them.

Copy is more valuable when the reader feels he is talked directly and understood.

The copy must have a one single goal.

Usually, it is selling the product. Don´t try to come up with lots of ways to convert. Booking time, showing buy button, ordering sample…

Try to stick on one thing.

Soon after headline and maybe sub-headline there must be a call-to-action.

If you have a video of you speaking, you will increase chance that people push the button.

Conversion rate of the first call-to-action depends on how good your introduction is about solution and benefits. Make your product sound as attractive as possible.

It is very recommended to have two call to action at the beginning.

One could say: “Give it a try for free.” Other one could say: “Schedule a 15 min strategy call.”

Not everybody wants to do same thing. Some are ready to try or buy. Others chose to find out more.

Don´t make it too long or too short.

If you are using favorite AIDA formula, you need to have a balance in each step.

Enough persuasive information. That is all you need.

Too many features.

Truth is that people don´t care about features. They want to know what they will benefit from this solution.